What inspires you to give back?
    It is the giving and sharing of food that literally and figuratively energizes us.  You don't have to look very far to see an opportunity to help someone, so why not start with nourishment?  I have personally witnessed the difference a meal can make in a person's life.  Our spices help make sure those meals taste great!
    Why did you select No Kid Hungry as a permanent recipient for a portion of each sale?
      No Kid Hungry is committed to eliminating childhood hunger. There is essentially nothing we can do without food. Our children deserve our very best— our time, our energy, and food. More information about the efforts and program can be found on their website- www.nokidhungry.org.
      How can I recommend an organization to be considered for a donation of the proceeds?
      In addition to No Kid Hungry, other donations are made to non-profit organizations.  We will rotate and highlight other non-profit organizations throughout the year to receive donations and for a specified time frame. Whether the organizations are food related or not, we understand how funding can be beneficial in giving back and because of this, we are always reviewing an organizations purpose for uplifting and nourishing the population it seeks to serve. Please send any and all organization recommendations to chef@chefcurlardee.com for consideration to also receive a donation during the specified time frame.
      What is meant by “low sodium”?
      Every bottle of seasoning contains low sodium, 3% of your daily recommended value based on a 2000 calorie diet.
      What food can I use this seasoning on?
      Chef Curl Ardee spice blends will enhance the flavor of any meat, seafood, poultry, pork, eggs, pasta, beef, soup, vegetable, dip, fries, potatoes, sauce, and so much more! It also works great as a rub/marinade for any grilled masterpiece.
      How “spicy” is Chef Curl Ardee’s Original Seasoning?
      The spice is great for those enjoy a great “kick” to their food.  Try our mild if you prefer no spice in your food.
      What’s the best way to store the seasoning?
      Seasoning should be stored in a cool, dry place.
      What methods of payment are accepted?
      All major credit/debit cards are accepted as well as PayPal.
      How is the product shipped?
      USPS is the primary shopping method. Each shipment comes with a tracking number that is emailed to you once the order is fulfilled.
      Do you ship internationally?
      International shipping is available at checkout because we believe food should be flavorful no matter where you are in the world. 
      How long will it take to receive my purchase?
      In most cases, domestic orders are fulfilled and shipped the next day. However, during peak times please allow 3 to 5 business days for orders to be processed.  
      Can I place a large/bulk order?
      For bulk orders and inquiries, please contact support@chefcurlardee.com
      What if I have additional questions or concerns about my order?
      Please send any concerns or additional questions to support@chefcurlardee.com.