Grilled Jerk Salmon

Posted by Rachel Whitfield on

It's official and two new flavors are being added to the lineup. Jerk Salmon and it's Salt Free twin are finally here!


I used a grill to achieve this but you can reach the same flavor by baking or searing. The choice is yours but the seasoning is definitely from Chef Curl Ardee.

What You'll Need:


Add a few drops of Worcestershire Sauce (or low sodium Soy Sauce) to salmon filets. Shake Chef Curl Ardee's Jerk Seasoning on fish and spread or cover. Place salmon on grill with medium heat and cook on both sides.

You can marinate overnight (as I would recommend) or skip right to the cooking but prepare to be amazed.

If you're going to use a skillet to sear or bake, preheat skillet using a light oil (olive or coconut oil) to medium heat and cook salmon on both sides.

Serve with your favorite sides or place on a bed of leafy greens for a salad.


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